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About Us

EasyTranz was founded January 2022 by Toni, AKA “Mike,” with a vision of creating a company that would be recognized for placing ethics at the forefront.
We vow to be hardworking, honest, trustworthy and to care for the needs of all our customers and drivers. Our mission-and responsibility-is to build a better world for our children.

Let’s build a strong America with EasyTranz! Trust us with your freight  and know we won’t let you down,will make it easy for YOU..


EasyTranz Services

EasyTranz dispatch has almost a decade of experience with Regular Flatbed, Flatbed Conestoga, Step Deck and Dry Van.

Next year will expand working with RGN’s and Reefer. 

We will never have forced dispatch or hidden payments and we always work towards the best pay rate for every job.Honesty is one of our core values and you will see this constantly reflected in your interactions with us.

Standard Flatbed

Conestoga Flatbed

Step Deck

Dry Vans

The unique qualities that make

EasyTranz Special

At EasyTranz, we are a family and we do trucking with Love.

We are a family that values honesty, hard work, and communication.

We are a family that values your needs.

We believe that by maintaining communication and understanding your preferences, we will be able to better help you find the job that best suit you and maximize your paycheck.

We understand that family matters and will get you home when you need to be there. And we know that reliable dispatching means reliable jobs and that reliable jobs means reliable income. 

 We want that for you !

EasyTranz Charges 10% of the gross for dispatch services.
Drivers are expected to either pay for the Cargo and Liability insurance or to be charged 16% of the gross which includes company provided Cargo and Liability insurance.

Will you become a part of our team?

We are waiting for you!


To provide a guaranteed service and create a consistent positive customer experience and strive to exceed their expectations!

As we reach our goals, we will reward our employees,
 invest in our customers, and give back to the community.